Friday, November 06, 2009

Honoring Those Killed at Fort Hood

The Texas Governor ordered all flags flown at half staff in the state in honor of the soldiers killed yesterday at Fort Hood by one of their own officers. (And yes, he has the authority to do that.)

Yesterday we also learned that my nephew, who is a surgeon in the US Navy, will be deployed to Afghanistan early in January. His wife is expecting their first child in mid-December. We are proud of his service and will do everything we can to support his family while they are gone.

My prayers are with all of those families who had loved ones killed or injured yesterday.


Presbyterian Gal said...


Alan said...

Same here. My daughter-in-law's brother is on deployment but Hood is home base and i have family who lived in Leon Junction and Temple area.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, this means so much.


Gannet Girl said...

Prayers for a joyous arrival in December, for your nephew's safety, and for his wife's strength in his absence.