Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching Up

Life has been getting in the way of blogging for the last week or so it seems. Or maybe I'm getting away from blogging altogether.

The biggest reason now weighs about 14 lbs. Averill will be home on maternity leave for the rest of this month and returns to work in June. That means I get to see Graham almost every day and keep him several times a week so she can get out to run errands, make appointments and occasionally socialize. 

She has a nanny lined up and I get to meet her next week. Averill is having her come a few days on a part-time basis so she can get comfortable with the house and baby and the cast of characters: me, Beatrice, Tilda and Clio the cat. Once Averill goes back to work I won't get called on as often during the week. But I do plan to pop in.

We've also done a bit of traveling and I'm busy with unbloggable church-related stuff.

I'm still reading as much as ever but it's mostly escapist stuff that I'm not inclined to review. I need to start reading in preparation for our trip to Israel with a group from church later this month. We're really looking forward to that!


Elaine said...

You have GOT to blog the trip!

Norman, OK

Quotidian Grace said...

I will definitely do that--but probably won't be able to upload the posts until I get home!

Reformed Catholic said...

What ... no Internet access, how barbaric ;)