Thursday, December 01, 2011

Osteen Reality TV

Are you ready for the Osteen Reality Show? Seriously. 

I'm not making this up. Apparently Lakewood Church co-pastors Joel and Victoria are besties with the producer of the CBS reality show Survivor and they are in discussions now to produce a new reality series about the Osteens and their mission trips around the country with Lakewood members. See the story in the Houston paper here.

So. The mind boggles. Mission trips as reality fare? What kind of faux drama will the producer want to inject into the show to boost ratings? Will there be competing teams? Prizes? Nefarious skullduggery? What will the show be called.

Stay tuned. As your humble chronicler of Houston Religious Oddities I promise to stay on top of the story.


Crimson Rambler said...

Thank you for this -- I think -- just trying to figure out where an awareness of HRO fits in my schema of Things That Make For Spiritual Well-being.
I wonder if we could make a short (!) list of television/movie presentations of the realities of life-in-faith-and-ministry that we would recommend to people who wonder "what it's really like..."?

Robin said...

I saw this online yesterday and completely cracked up.

Because I am doing so much channel surfing these days, I frequently hit upon an Osteen event. The numbers of --what do we call them? an audience? -- I am truly dumbfounnded.

I've never watched Survivor but I think I kind of have the idea. I vote for being washed up on the shore of an old Jesuit or Franciscan ministry in California or the Carribbean, finding a stash of Gutenberg Bibles and medieval rosaries, and receiving a message from on high as follows: Stay right here - on the beach! And someone will come and blow dry your hair!

(Yes, I guess I am feeling better.)

Mac said...

When I saw this last night, I sent a link to the rest of the session in an e-mail titled "Apostle Paul and reality parchment."

"Here's an idea from Joel Osteen that might solve all our financial woes.Why didn't the Apostle Paul think of this?????"

Ceemac said...

On another topic: will you be doing the sappy Christmas song thing again this year? Perhaps the Osteens may have to appear.

Quotidian Grace said...


I haven't decided about whether to do the sappy Christmas song contest again.

But it might be fun. Do you have a suggestion to get it started?