Thursday, August 09, 2007

PGF blogger meetup?

Presbyterian Global Fellowship is having its meeting in Houston next week--August 16 through the 18th, to be exact.

More than 100 members of my church (Memorial Drive PC in Houston) are registered and the presbytery staff is also planning to check in. I'm looking forward to attending a national PresbyConfab that focuses on mission rather than sex for a change! I'm also hoping some of the PresbyBloggers will be attending.

The schedule
says that Friday night's dinner is "on your own in Houston", so if any of you would like to meet up with other PresbyBloggers, leave a comment or email me (link through the "about me" link in the sidebar for my email address) and I'll reserve a table for us at Josephine's--a nice Italian restaurant in walking distance of the Brown Convention Center.

Hope to see some of you there!


Anonymous said...

I'll be there Thursday night and Friday ... but I'll have to miss the meet up since we're leaving early Saturday morning to take my daughter back to college.

reverendmother said...

Sigh. Love Josephine's.