Friday, November 12, 2010

Brava Catherine!!!

Last night we had (literally) front row seats for the Houston Grand Opera production of Madame Butterfly. The QG family was in the house to cheer on our very own amazing Diva Catherine who was singing the part of Butterfly's maid, Suzuki.

Our beautiful six foot blonde blue-eyed girl was well disguised as a Japanese woman, and I WAS wondering how that was going to turn out.  She sang superbly and I hope some critics and agents were there to take note! She also displayed some talent I didn't know she had: moving the large shoji screen back and forth throughout the performance. We joked that she would now have to join the stagehands' union or be mocked as a scab.

This production was so well received that HGO added this performance which gave Catherine the chance to sing on the big stage with Ana Maria Martinez, the soprano star, who had an incredible voice and acting skills.

Staging was beautiful and really enhanced the music and the singing. Even DK and El Jefe (not the biggest opera fans, you might say) rated the evening a success. Since many of the singers booked for the original performances were not available for this additional one, we also got to see many of Catherine's friends from the HGO studio in important roles. You could see how well they all work together and, needless to say, their singing was fabulous. Bravo Michael and Nathan!

Now I'm off to the hospital this morning to see my other niece and check on Patrick, whose condition remains unchanged in the ICU. We're swinging from one emotion to another these days!

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