Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Fantasy Book Tour

So everyone and his sister are out on book tours, haven't you noticed? They're hawking their books, but denying they are running for President. Hah! Of course they are.

QG reads lots of books and writes lots of reviews. I don't think I have a book in me, but I think I would love to go on a book tour--especially if I got to be interviewed around the country by the networks and cable TV shows. And I'm not running for President, either!

Here's my Fantasy Book Tour schedule: First the interviews on the morning shows in NYC on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Then radio interviews with NPR and Michael Medved (who does frequent and very interesting interviews of authors). No MSNBC because that would be like entering the Witness Protection Program. No one would be listening.

Then its on to the primo local TV and radio stations around the country: QG goes to Washington DC, Nashville, Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans, Natchez, Dallas, Amarillo, San Antonio, Austin, Marfa, Santa Fe, San Diego, Santa Clara and Seattle. Following the tour (cities chosen by me because that's where I want to go), I make a triumphant appearance around all the Houston area media outlets and bookstores. Okay, so I don't have a book for people to sign, but I'll shake hands and chat.

Who wants to be my agent?


Kimberly said...

What, you're not going to make a stop in Wyoming? You could be interviewed by the local news anchors in Casper, who look like they're doing their high school journalism internship.



Quotidian Grace said...

I'll ask my agent, Rev. Becky, to pencil you in. Check and see if Rev Dave will make Green Chili and sopapillas for us.