Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beatrice Blogs: Hounds Rule!

Beatrice here.

Last night QG and I watched the Westminster Dog Show whilst El Jefe was otherwise engaged in watching some game with a ball on TV.

I was sad  that one of my peeps didn't win the Hound group. Of course, technically speaking, piebald dachsies like myself are not "recognized" here. 

Hello? Let me introduce myself, I'm Beatrice and I'm a brown and cream short hair piebald dachshund. There!

At least the Hound group ruled! The biggest hound dog we have ever seen won Best In Show.
Hickory the Scottish Deerhound

Hey, Hickory, we have lots of deer around here. In fact last night QG saw one dart out in front of a car ahead of her near our house. Score: Car 1, Deer 0.  So sad. Want to come visit? I can help flush them out and you can bring 'em down.

Frankly, I was betting on Mr. Baggins, the bearded Collie, because his name was so descriptive!
Mr. Baggins
And your faves were?


sherry said...

This BB the cat (stands for Billy Bob or Bad Boy depending on the day)delurking for this post.

I watched this silly dog show also, and became concerned when my female human starting saying that she could learn to like a dog.....

So this morning, I jumped in her lap and purred. I think I have her right back when I wanted her.

My human was rooting for the Hound that won, but would have pulled for the Portuguese Water Dog if only they had not shaved the hair off his back legs. Really, a cat would never allow such indignity.

Kimberly said...

Dear Beatrice,

I was excited that the boxer came in second in the working dog group. She was really cute and I think she should have won! On the other hand I'm glad that the dog show is over because Dave can stop mocking the fact that I'm supposed to be a "working" dog. And Newman is always a little sad during Westminster because Catahoulas aren't recognized by the AKC.

Your canine friend, Redford

stinuksuk said...

Dear Beatrice,
We, Jett and Jazz, retired greyhound racers, are ever so glad to see one of our own win. Deerhounds are just like us, except furrier with a longer, rougher coat.
To the hounds!

Averill said...

Tilda too was disappointed the doxie didn't make it our of the hound group, though she was happy to see her peeps represent.

Baggins was a great dog...and a great name! I'll admit that I think the winner looks like a bizarre cross between a greyhound and a wirehaired terrier!

ellbee said...

Dear Beatrice,
Fred the Bagel here. I was rooting for the hound since I am part Bassett and part Beagle. I liked watching all the dogs strut their stuff. It was like a really fancy dog park.

I need to get mom to let me blog sometime. I walk on the laptop enough- you would think she'd give me time to tell stories about what I do while everyone's away from the house.