Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five: Recommendation Edition

I haven't played the RevGals Friday Five meme for a while, but I love reading recommendations, so in fairness I am contributing my own! Thanks to revljarla for today's questions:

1.   Recommend a favorite worship resource or devotional book. 

My favorite inspirational site is my friend Robin's blog, Metanoia
2.   Recommend a blog that you like to read that you think others might find enjoyable.

On the lighter side,  my RevGals will enjoy Bad Vestments.

3.   Recommend a fiction book that you think people might like.

That's easy: the subject of my latest book review, The Translation of the Bones by Francesca Kay.

4.   Recommend a favorite recipe website.   O.k., if you aren't into cooking or food, then just recommend a random website that you find useful, hilarious, mind numbing or thought provoking. 

The Homesick Texan is a great food blog written by a Texan ex-pat in New York City, Lisa Fain. Babs and  I enjoy her cookbook, too!

5.  And for the last recommendation--it's bloggers' choice!  Make a recommendation for anything!

I'm looking forward to the second season of The Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network which starts February 12. Love me some Anne Burrell!


Robin said...

Oh, my.

Thank you.

I have been thinking lately that I should subtitle my blog The Long Whine.

I am honored.

And I am afraid that thanks to your Penman recommendation,it will be years before I get to read your new favorite.

PS: I think the word verification is Welsh.

Purple said...

I, too, like Anne Burrell. Love her sense of humor as well as her culinary skills.

Jan said...

Lots of links, which I appreciate. I've never heard of Anne Burrell, so I'll be looking there. I so love book recommendations, too. I have to chuckle at Robin's suggested title of "The Long Whine," which I could use these days!

revkjarla said...

Bad vestments. Hil.Lar.I.Ous!!!

i want to read the book!!!