Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cutting Myself Down to Size: The Payoff !Part 3

Now that I am close to my goal I'm having the most fun ever buying a new wardrobe--from the inside out. I have lost 3 sizes and now happily shop in the regular women's section rather than the plus size department. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that because I'm not used to it.

It started about midway through the summer when my daughters started fussing at me for continuing to wear clothes that were by then two sizes too large. I eventually took the hint and began donating the largest clothes to charity and buying a few new things in a smaller size.

Then recently Daughter Babs took me in hand and marched me into stores I haven't shopped in for years. It was like having my own personal Stacy London without the notoriety of having to appear on What Not to Wear. She made me try on styles I never would have chosen in the past and to my surprise--they worked. Really well! Things like slim leg pants and jeans, pencil skirts, form-fitting blouses and tops, short sweaters, and even some heels are now in my closet. It does take a lot of mental adjustment to adjust to a new body size. 

Some old habits kept cropping up, though. Because it was hard to find clothes that fit when I was heavier--especially since I am so tall--I had a habit of buying the same item in several colors or patterns if I liked it. It's been a revelation to realize that I have far more choice now than I did before. I don't need to keep buying duplicates or shopping exclusively online. I have more choices than I can deal with most of the time. Amazing!

When I started wearing the new duds, I was almost embarrassed by the attention and compliments I got from family, friends and acquaintances. It really made a difference to have clothes that fit.

My advice for fellow travelers on this weight loss journey is to ruthlessly donate those "fat" clothes and replace them with items that fit. The first time you may want to limit  the number of purchases and their cost if you anticipate losing another 20 pounds or more. (This may vary according to your size. With my height it takes a lot of weight to make a difference in sizing while it would take less for someone who is petite.) I didn't buy "good" items until I got close to goal. But it is important not not to keep those larger sizes on hand "just in case." You don't want to allow yourself that option!

And thus endeth this series and the lesson. Next month will mark my the one year anniversary of my new way of eating. I pledge to update my status 6 months from then--in May--as a way of keeping myself accountable. Best of luck to the rest of you and let me know how you are doing!


Robin said...

So where are the pictures?????

Do you have new styles?

I am much shorter than you -- about 5'4" -- and in my skinny lawyer days I was very much a Talbots woman. Not my style anymore, but I think I wear Coldwater Creek mostly because they have my size. I would love a whole new skinny J Jill wardrobe. I wonder if they would give me a gift card . . .

Jody Harrington said...

I've got a couple of great new photos I need to uplad on Facebook, Robin. Talbots never worked for me because of my height. I wore a lot of Coldwater Creek for years when I was up to full poundage, they have tall pants online, too. I bought several pair of tall JJill skinny leg pants last month and one of their pencil skirts as well. There's some incentive for you!

stinuksuk said...

Congrats, QG!!! LOts of hard work. I'm still in the Women's Dept. but have lost 2 sizes. Kinda stuck, but hoping to lose some more.

Cindy said...

Hi Jody,
My sister (Mary F) sent me your blog. She's probably told you I've lost 65 pounds on WW too! But I still have a long way to go. I agree about getting rid of the fat clothes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on weight loss. I can really identify.

Jody Harrington said...

Thanks for your comment and my apologies for not responding to you promptly! Good luck with your WW program. Wow! You've done a wonderful job so far, keep it up!
I hope to meet you sometime when you are visiting with Mary.