Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh, Oh, Limpics

Last night I watched some Winter Olympics with Babs and P-Dubya. Babs has always been a HUGE fan of the Olympics, but these days its hard for her to stay up for her fav skating events because of her early appearance at work.

So we're watching something called the snowboard half-pipe, at least I think that is what it is called. It seems like something only a teenage boy would love--baggy loud clothing, risky stunts and lots of macho. We were highly amused by the "analysis" of the different tricks the guys performed--it seemed awfully pretentious and forced.

We miss the Jamaican Bobsled Team--now there was a really fun group to watch!

On the whole we were decidedly underwhelmed. Are you watching the Winter Olympics? What do you think?


Rev Kim said...

I'm watching, though I'm tiring of NBC's manipulation of the coverage; i.e, closing the evening's coverage with whatever event will keep the viewers tuned in as long as possible. I just know that tonight they'll end with the ending of the men's figure skating finals, which will be taped coverage instead of showing it live earlier in the evening.

Regarding the snowboarding, Dave said of that and snowboard cross (which is great fun to watch) that "these are invented by 12-year old boys!"

SingingOwl said...

Ha ha...I think so too, Kim! But I'm watching. I don't care for sports, generally, but I love the Olympics. Odd.

Presbyterian Gal said...

The snowboarding is fun. It's just skateboarding without wheels and my son likes to watch it.

But I am very peeved with NBC because I like the figure skating and it's on too late so I've missed most of it.

ceemac said...

Your local NBC affiliate most likely demands that the Network put the skating on late. High ratings in the last hour of prime time generally translate into higher ratings for the local late news.

Apparently folks who watch the late news tend to leave it on whatever channel the were watching in the last hour of primetime.

That's why the local NBC folks hated the primetime Leno show. It may have made money for the network but it did not deliver viewers to the local late news.

And by the way I think that snowboarding may have passed alpine skiing in popularity among the general public on the slopes. Expect to see more of it at the 2014 Olympics.

stinuksuk said...

ABC also did a better job of covering the Olympics than NBC ever does.
I enjoy the Winter Olympics immensely. Wasn't it grand that a Slovenian won the Silver of the Men's Super G?
Felt really bad for the Canadian 2 man Bobsled team and their Hockey team that had trouble with the Swiss team and who we beat.
There's been a lot of curling on cable.
I enjoy when other countries win and hate to hear our medal count. It's not about a medal count folks! It's about amazing athletes from across the globe!