Monday, February 22, 2010

Travelin' Again

I'm not sure how it worked out that February would be our month for travel, and I never thought I'd think Houston had been too cold and too damp too long! But all these things are true and El Jefe and I are off for a week, so QG will be closed until our return.

We're going back to Mexico to enjoy some warm weather and a beautiful beach before going into full time MOB and FOB mode.


Elaine said...

Have a great time. I leave this weekend on a quest for sun.

Norman, OK

Rev Kim said...

Yay, you, for taking this time!

And I might suggest that you schedule a vacation after the nuptials, too.

Reformed Catholic said...

Oh to be able to leave for DisneyWorld and Florida.

However, SWMBO said NO ... so no Disney fix this year, maybe later ?? After summer ?? I'll keep trying ;)

That said, did I say I envy your trip to Mexico ;)

Have a safe trip.

David in Dixie said...

For someone like me who feels compelled to check your blog every day and I am sure that there are others so afflicted, I think it is downright sinful that you would leave us blogless for a whole week.