Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Beatrice Blogs: Tilda Update

Matilda "Tilda"

Beatrice here. QG and El Jefe figured out that I am technically Tilda's Aunt Bea.

Lately I've been feeling more like Tilda's Great-Aunt Bea.

I mean, that pup is full of energy! She rushes in the house in the morning when Portia drops her off before going to work and wants to wrestle and pin me to the ground. Not very dignified for a young lady dog of my age!

So when I jump on a chair or couch to get away from her, she barks! Then QG comes and scolds her and takes her away to give me a bit of peace and quiet.

I am taking her in hand--er, paw. She is learning to do business very promptly outside and to walk on a leash. I've shown her all the best places to look for rabbits or little mice in the yard. She has a good nose and runs pretty fast, but not as fast as me.

Although I really hate the crate, I find it amusing to get in there before Tilda does. Just to show her that I can.

I'm kind of relieved when she goes home, but then I find myself looking for her in the morning. I still miss Olivia, but I think Tilda will be a good dog, too!

Yours for contented canine companionship,


Averill said...

Patience dear Beatrice, Tilde won't be a puppy for long!

Rev Kim said...

Dear Beatrice,

I need to teach you my special lip curl - ever so subtle, and not in the least bit aggressive, it sends Redford the message that I'm done playing. Tilda sure is a cutie, though!

Your canine friend, Newman

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