Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Blackberry Blues

The Wall Street Journal, whose readers have GOT to be the most technology addicted in the world, ran an article this morning for every spouse, child or friend who has been dissed by a Blackberry: Your Blackberry Or Your Wife.

El Jefe has heard me sing the Blackberry Blues on many occasions, accompanied by the backup duo of Portia and Babs. We even have a picture of our late nephew Patrick commandeering El Jefe's Blackberry just before Portia's wedding ceremony!

This past Christmas Eve El Jefe deliberately left the BB at home while we went to church. Along comes a driving thunderstorm during the service so he ran out to fetch the car with one of the church's umbrellas only to realize he couldn't call us to let us know where to come to meet him for pickup. No good deed goes unpunished.
A technology fast sounds very appealing. But my chances of getting you-know-who to participate are slim. and. none.

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Reformed Catholic said...

I am so happy I'm out of the rat race for now. My phone only does phone and text, and I don't answer them ;)

However, my wife still carries her old Palm 505, it has an app that allows her to have the church membership database available with her at all times.

Problem is, that appliation is not available for anything else except maybe Windows Mobile 4 thru 6. The company doesn't offer it anymore as they're not sure what to rewrite it for !!!

iPhone, Android, Blackberry ??