Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five: Books!

I haven't played the RevGals Friday Five in quite a while, but today's meme is about books, so here goes:
1. What books have you recently read? Tell us your opinion of them.

I just finished Ron Chernow's Washington, A Life. That one is over 900 pages long, but I read it on my IPad. It is well worth the time (a month) I put into it, too. My full review is here.

2. What books are awaiting your available time to be read?

Unprotected Texts by Jennifer Wright Kunst and The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson by Jerome Charyn are two books I have received as advance copies from publishers and committed to review as part of book blog tours in February. Right now I'm working on Unprotected Texts because that is scheduled February 1.

I just got the latest Matthew Shardlake mystery, Heartstone, and can't wait to get to it but must discipline myself to finish these other two first.

3. Have any books been recently recommended?

The two books mentioned above that I received from publishers for review.

4. What genre of books are your favorite, along with some titles and/or authors you like best?

For me, as a history buff, the most enjoyable recreational reading is historical fiction or medieval mysteries. My favorite series is the Matthew Shardlake mysteries set during the reign of Henry VIII. Fabulous! They should be read in order, so start with Dissolution which deals with the dissolution of the monastaries under Henry VIII.

5. What have you read lately that you have a strong urge to recommend? (or to condemn?)

Let's stick to the postive! Elizabeth's Women by Tracy Borman is a fascinating study of Queen Elizabeth I and her female relationships--a facet of her life usually neglected by historians.  America's Prophet by Bruce Feiler is an intriguing study of the influence of Moses on American history and culture.


Jan said...

I am excited by both your recommendations and reviews. Thank you for all the links and ideas. My list is getting longer and longer as I visit all you RevGalBlogPals! Your new life as a blogger reviewer is impressive.

Rev. Pink Dragon said...

Oooh, I'm very excited to hear your review of the Emily Dickinson book. :)