Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Review: The Big Tent Wedding Party by Alexander McCall Smith

I'm reviewing the enhanced Kindle edition of this latest story in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series so I can post about the video interview that is included.

The Big Tent Wedding Party is an entertaining and delightful addition to the ongoing series by Alexander McCall Smith.

At the end of the Kindle addition are a series of brief--two minutes or less-video clips from an interview with the author on a variety of subjects. Each clip is labeled with its topic so you can jump around and view the ones you like the best. I read my Kindle books on an IPad most of the time so I watched it in color.

McCall Smith discusses future plans for development of the characters in the series, reminisces about growing up in Africa, describes Mma Romotswe's little white van and Grace Matuksi's shoes as ongoing characters in the stories, and invites you to join him in a cuppa tea. 

It's a fun little addition to the Kindle version. I expect to see more use of digital technology like videos, music and links to outside references becoming incorporated in e-books as publishers embrace this new technology.

Oh, and you wondered about the story in The Big Tent Wedding Party? Could it be that wedding bells will ring at last for Grace and Phuti Radhiphuti? Can Precious derail the campaign of that minx Violet Sepotho for Parliament? And was that really the little white van or its ghost that Precious saw on the road?

I'm not going to play the spoiler, but if you're a fan you will enjoy this one, too!


zorra said...

I just finished The Double Comfort Safari Club last week, so I've caught up to this one! I'm going to save it for when we go on vacation, and introduce myself to Maisie Dobbs in the meantime.

Quotidian Grace said...

You will LOVE Maisie Dobbs as well!

stinuksuk said...

Big, big fan of The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency. Got this latest one and am waiting for a vacation trip to read it sometime this summer. It's all I can do to keep my hands off the book.
Am savoring the DVD series one episode at at a time.

zorra said...

Wait! I just reread your last paragraph. Violet Sepotho for Parliament??

Word verification: whither. Indeed.

LeahW said...

I love this series! I want to be Precious Romotswe when I grow up. I listen these books on CD while I knit -- good to know there's a new one to look forward to .