Monday, April 18, 2011

Tilda Blogs: Note to Beatrice

Dear Beatrice,

Woof! Tilda here. I've been really busy these last few weeks. That's why I haven't been over to your house every day like I used to be. Here's a picture of me and my new baby. See me lick my lips! His feet taste good.

Averill won't let me near him unless she's close by. She took the picture.

I'm very important now. If someone comes in I have to run to the door and hop around and bark to let Averill know someone is here. Then I have to roll over and let them rub my tummy.

If baby cries I have to run around in circles. If Averill spends too much time holding him I have to try to jump on the couch so she can hold me too. I think that's when she calls QG to come take me to see you for a while.

I'm glad to come over because it's exhausting helping take care of a baby.

Duty calls! Woof!



Averill said...

Tilda's currently sleeping at the foot of Baby G's bassinet while he naps!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

A baby is a LOT of work for such a small dog!