Friday, July 29, 2011

Holy Land Tour: Eilat for a Day

As I mentioned yesterday, Eilat is a resort at the southernmost tip of Israel on the Red Sea. It has beautiful water and beaches and the beachfront is filled with luxury hotels. I got this photo off the web:

We had a free day in Eilat before our flight the next day to Tel Aviv and then home. El Jefe was intrigued with the idea that you can see Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia from the Red Sea, so we hopped on a glass bottomed boat that went far enough out from shore to get that view. This is the Egyptian shoreline as seen from the boat.

We were the only Americans on the boat, and the skipper was nice enough to come let us know when it was time to go down and see the coral reef through the glass since all the announcements were in Hebrew.

I nearly passed out from the heat as we walked back from lunch! No wonder our travel coordinators told us that they did not bring groups any later than this because of the heat. The tour was also catching up with us so we had a nice nap and then joined our group for dinner in a fine seafood restaurant before going back to pack up and prepare to go home.

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