Monday, August 01, 2011

Holy Land Tour: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Our trip to Israel was an awesome experience. We came back refreshed and inspired with a faith deepened by everything we had seen and heard. Dave Peterson's messages reinforced our purpose in being there and turned a trip into a pilgrimage.

We were blessed to travel with other members of our church who each brought a special insight to the experience. In fact the group bonded so well that we are continuing to meet each Wednesday night to share our photos, notes and different viewpoints about the trip. 

After our return, I had the opportunity  to join a Jewish/Presbyterian dialogue group sponsored by our presbytery. I've been to my first meeting and look forward to continuing the conversation. Our group invited our General Presbyter, Mike Cole, to speak about it in a couple of weeks.

El Jefe and I always thought that going to Israel would be a once in a lifetime experience. But we've changed our minds. We want to go back.

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