Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of Opera and Mac and Cheese

So, Babs and I flew up to D.C. last weekend to see the Diva perform in Tales of Hoffman at Wolf Trapp. Of course she was fabulous!

The next night Catherine picked out a very nice seafood restaurant for dinner. They had lobster mac and cheese on the menu. Of course we were all about that!

The waiter said he would give us a free dessert if we could guess the "secret cheese" in the macaroni which he said had several different cheeses. After one bite I said, "Velveeta". I was right! The waiter said he had made that offer 10 times and I was the first one to win.

Quoth Babs: "We're Texans. We know our queso!"


Reformed Catholic said...

Wolf Trap (note, 1 'p'), when we were living in Northern VA (NoVA) we went there for a few concerts.

We always went for the lawn, as you were able to have a nice picnic, and a good bottle of wine.

BTW .. what restaurant was that ??

Quotidian Grace said...

The restaurant was Passionfish in Reston, VA. Very upscale and un-Velveetalike!

The opera was in The Barn, which is a smaller more intimate venue that suited the production well. It's NOT outside, though.

Mac said...

My favorite Wolf Trap Farm experience has been the concert by the National Symphony playing the music of Loonie Tunes. They play the original scores--one was actually written for each cartoon--and show the cartoon at the same time. For my younger kids to see "Long Haired Hare" with Bugs bunny as Leopold Stowkowski was a hoot. All across the audience you could hear folks of a certain age whispering "Leopold! Leopold!"