Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Holy Week reminders

Every year during Holy Week I make a point of listening to all of the Messiah by Handel. It is always performed during Advent and Christmas, but is in fact a Lent and Easter piece. I was wondering this afternoon why sing-a-longs of the Christmas portion of the piece are popular but I have never heard of a church or symphony organization sponsoring a sing-along of the Easter portion. If someone did, I would love to participate! For now I am limited to singing along with my ipod in the car...

The clutter of the world's busy-ness contained in many emails today was interrupted by several messages reminding me of the meaning of the week. Then I joined the quilting group from church and a few (brave) men for lunch at a restaurant with outdoor tables so we could enjoy the glorious spring weather we are having today. We are blessed with clear blue skies, coolish temperatures and a mild breeze while all the flowers are in bloom. That's another message for Holy Week.

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