Thursday, March 31, 2005

Its a Jumble

It was a jumbled, frantic day. You know, one of those days in which things pop up unexpectedly and you find your plans for the day scrambled.

Some of this was due to trying to finish stuff at work before I leave town for a couple of days tomorrow to visit Older Daughter in Austin. But most of it was due to things breaking (the air conditioning) and getting misplaced (a set of Sunday School lessons), and having my kitchen torn up for the purpose of redecorating after 15 years (those of you who lived through that will sympathize). Always a frustration! Its all sorted now, more or less.

Younger Daughter has her comprehensive exam tomorrow at her college. The school requires all graduates to pass an exam in their major that covers their four years of study before they can graduate. YD is conscientious to a fault and is probably overprepared, but still a bit nervous.

So there hasn' t been time to reflect on the two major news stories today which are of great concern to many faithful Christians: the death of Terri Schiavo and the grave illness of the Pope.

This morning one of the teachers at our church's school came by to tell us that every mom in the carpool line told her that Terri Schiavo died as she opened the car doors to let the children out. Later this afternoon as I walked into a room where the TV had a news program on, the reporter was saying that the cardinals had 9 days to get to the Vatican for the election of the next Pope. Startled, I paused to hear the rest of the story. It concluded with the anchorman saying "if you just tuned in, the Pope did not die but is in grave condition."

Although the death of Terri Schiavo and the Pope's health crisis are an interesting juxtaposition of events, I don't believe they are any more than that though there are those already trying to find some significance in them. For now this deluge of news reporting on these two stories seems like a jumble.

Tomorrow brings a nice drive through the countryside which is always a great opportunity to reflect and enjoy the scenery while listening to books on tape. The weather should be good and hopefully the wildflowers will still be in bloom. It will be great to have some time with OD who has had a very busy semester. I'm not sure I'll be posting again until Saturday.

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Terry Finley said...

I am disturbed about all this.

Come visit me.

Terry Finley