Wednesday, May 04, 2005

His Essence Official Website

His Essence Official Website -- Creations to Comfort the Soul

Do these candles smell to High Heaven? What Would Jesus Smell Like?
(I PROMISE I am not making this up...)

Texans will be astounded to note that this product apparently originated in Vidor, TX, notorious as the most Klanish town in the state.

What's next? His Essence after-shave? Cologne? Deoderant? Air Freshener?

Stay tuned....
(Hat tip to KBTV4)


will spotts said...

That's just depressing . . .

SpookyRach said...

Oh. My. Lord. (but not in a good way.)

The most disturbing sentence: "Know that you will be the first person to open and experience your candle." Making this a Virgin Christ Candle?

(BTW, What Would Jesus Smell Like caused my mascara to run. Ha ha!)

Anonymous said...

"Gods Children" Love thy neighbor!! INgredience in Bible, "Scent of Christ". Stop letting the devil decieve you, he wants us to hate, dis-love, put down and talk bad about one another. God says Love, don't judge, turn the other cheek. What um saying is Anythings possible with God ingredience in bible!