Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Making Adjustments

We are now mid-way through the Sunday School series that was inspired by the Terri Schiavo case. Attendance for the class has been wonderful : between 50 and 60 people every week. The speakers have brought sound information and insight into the process of end-of-life decision making with their extensive experience in the medical and ethical fields and on ethics committees of prominent hospitals in the area.

It is a sensitive subject. We are constantly reminded by the questions and comments of those present that many of them either have or are dealing with these decisions in their own families. Some are second-guessing their decisions and others are trying to project "what-if" scenarios and get assistance resolving them.

After several weeks of talking about the practical and ethical aspects of these issues, we realized it was time to renew discussion of how our faith should help inform decisionmaking and allowing time for the large class to break into small groups to help process some of that.

It's a good thing to check on your plans for a class midway and make adjustments rather than sticking to your agenda. It feels like the Holy Spirit at work.

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