Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Word About Presbyweb

I'm a subscriber to Presbyweb and yesterday got an email asking me to email my friends to encourage them to subscribe. I'm a big fan of Presbyweb, so I decided to respond through my blog as well.

Presbyweb's motto is " The national PC(USA)news--official and unofficial, from left to right--" and they live up to it. They report news from all sides of the theological spectrum. You get PCUSA news at all levels as well as news from other denominations and Christian news from around the world. For example they have closely followed the Beth Stroud ecclesiastical trial in the UMC and provided numerous links and articles. I check it every day.

Did you know that last Saturday Heartland Presbytery endorsed an overture to overturn our present ban on the ordination of gays and is sending it to the 2006 GA? Did you know that the Presbytery of the Pacific is meeting tomorrow to vote on removing the senior pastor and associate pastor of the large and nationally known and influential Hollywood Presbyterian church in California and assigning an administrative commission to run the church? You would if you followed Presbyweb.

During the 2004 GA, Presbyweb updated the site several times a day so you could follow all the news being made faster than anywhere else.

Presbyweb is a subscription service, with a twist. The twist is that you set your own annual rate (they request at least $15). You can sign up for a free trial first before subscribing. Payment can be made online by credit card or with a check by snail mail. Try it in time for the 2006 GA!

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Chip Hatcher - Hernando, MS said...

I agree. Presbyweb is unrivaled as THE news source for anyone who cares what's happening in the PC(USA). It's worth it!