Sunday, May 01, 2005

Super Sabbath

What a spectacular weekend in southeast Texas! Clear blue skies, low humidity and temperatures in the low 70's made it a perfect day today. That allowed El Jefe and I to enjoy the afternoon at the baseball game watching the Astros beat the Cubs. We played hookey from worship (but did attend and teach Sunday School!). After that we joined our extended family for one of the regular Sunday dinners that are the highlight of our week these days.

Kitchen remodeling is nearing an end, but painfully so as little logistical problems cause some delays. I am SO ready to clean up the mess and get back to normal--that will probably happen by the end of the week.

Looking back at the past week, it struck me that there were several families in our congregation that got really good news about potential medical problems. Fears of the return of cancer, diagnosis of possible tumors or very serious neurological disorders were all set aside when the diagnostic tests were completed and interpreted by their doctors. How many blessings were received and how grateful each family is for that!

Today was a super Sabbath, one worth savoring and remembering. I hope yours was, too.

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