Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Birthday Tradition

birthday cake
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Here is our favorite birthday tradition: a cake from Moeller's Bakery. It has to have one layer of vanilla cake, one layer of chocolate cake and be frosted with vanilla icing on top and in between the layers and chocolate icing around the sides. The flowers can be any color you want. Since it's summer, I chose red and yellow.

When the girls were first born we lived near this bakery and got into the habit of buying cakes and other goodies from them. Then the bakery moved away from our area, and then we moved further away from where the bakery is now. Nonetheless we faithfully make a pilgrimage for each
birthday celebration to pick up our birthday tradition.

These cakes have seen birthdays of infants, toddlers, children, teenagers and now young adults.I have pictures of many of those cakes. El Jefe and I have celebrated our young married years and now our middle aged empty nester birthdays with these cakes. It just wouldn't be a real birthday without them.

Portia is celebrating a birthday and so Babs and I just returned with the precious cake in tow for our family celebration tonight. I think the cake is more important to Portia than any other part of her birthday. Aren't family traditions wonderful?


SpookyRach said...

Yuuummmm! Save me a piece!

the reverend mommy said...

That's is a bodacious cake. Looks really yummy.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Lemon Chiffon cake which has been my birthday cake since I was 2 years old. Yesterday I had my 40th Lemon Chiffon cake -- and it's still as yummy as it was when I was 2 years old!