Thursday, June 16, 2005

Loose Screws

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that the Calvinist view of the innate sinfulness of man is that only way you can explain some things.

Our church has a large new playground on one side of its parking lot. The playground is for our church members and school children, but neighborhood kids come to play on it as well. This morning we found that the tunnel, which is part of the equipment, had been dis-assembled.

Now this was not something that is easily done. The screws that held the tunnel parts together are a special type of screw that require a special type of bit. You can't just use your garden-variety phillips or plain screwdriver on them. And the screws have vanished but the parts of the tunnel were left on the ground.

Do we have a screw thief on the loose? Can you even report that to the police? Should our custodian be told to be on the lookout for suspicious looking folks carrying toolboxes lurking around the playground?

Curiouser and curiouser, said Little Alice...


will spotts said...

OK, I might be pessimistic, but that is one of the features of Calvinism that truly seems to fit my observations -- both of myself and of others.

MaoBi said...

Isn't that a cliche somewhere?

they will steal it if it ain't screwed down else they steal the screws