Friday, June 03, 2005

Day Tripping with Babs

Babs and I have been on the road a lot lately: traveling back from Tennessee after her college graduation, going to San Antonio for my brother-in-law's memorial service, and today a trip to a town just outside Austin to retrieve her Grandpa's car which broke down there last week when Portia (whose car was in the shop) was driving it back to Austin for the weekend.

Babs played disk jockey with her vast collection of CD's--some of which she put together with the help of ITunes. I found out that I like Nickle Creek and someone named Jason Mraz. Two new artists to add to my own collection! She also played a lot of the Birds singing Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. I can relate to them, being of a certain age!

Once you are out on Hwy 290 away from the big city it is a pleasant trip. There are lots of pretty farms and ranches set on rolling hills with white or Hill Country stone fences and plump cattle, scampering herds of goats, and horse barns. This area is "gentrified" now. Antique stores line the highway along with truck farmers hawking their fresh vegatables, watermelons and peaches. You can feel your stress level go down and your mind relaxes and can drift around aimlessly like the puffy clouds in the big Texas sky.

Reality sets in too abruptly as the big city nears and you are suddenly surrounded by 18 wheelers, concrete barriers, construction cones and pressing traffic. Time to snap up and pay attention again--no more daydreaming behind the wheel.

Grandpa's car is delivered safely and we are back home. I had been whining about having to make this day trip, but now I'm almost sorry it's over.

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St. Casserole said...

I love trips like this. I love time with my "Babs" so I can listen to what she wants to talk about.