Monday, August 15, 2005

British view of Lakewood Church

Thanks to Will Spotts who sent me an interesting viewpoint from the United Kingdom on all things Lakewood. The British author of the piece attended the Oasis of Love this weekend, described his experience and interviewed Joel Osteen.

Something I didn't know: they use dry ice to enhance the worship atmosphere. Something I'd heard before: the songs described as "Jesus is my boyfriend" music. Something I will hear again: there are SO many people attending.

We're going to continue to hear a lot about the phenomenon of Lakewood Church.


Purechristianithink said...

Seems that with this link you can't read the whole article without subscribing to The Independent. Could you summarize??

Quotidian Grace said...

You're right. When I clicked on the link earlier today and included it in this post you could read the entire article without subscribing. They must require a subscription after a certain period of time. I apologize for including it.

I'm sorry I didn't copy it and save it, so now I can't summarize it either--learned a lesson here. My policy is not to link to something that requires registration without a warning. I've never before come across something that required a subscription to view.