Thursday, August 04, 2005

Movement Against Moving Time

If you want to join the Movement Against Moving Time ( see previous post), here's the plan:

For Republicans--write your congressperson/senator with the message that no real conservative would support this type of meddling in the time of the people and you expect to see their name on a bill to reverse this indefensible statute.

For Democrats--write with the message that only those in thrall to special interests and without any concern for working families and the children would fail to join in sponsoring a bill to restore our time.

For Independents and Libertarians--write and tell your elected representatives that they can't tell you what time it is.

For Right-Wing Evangelicals--write and tell them that they are courting Divine Wrath by trying to meddle with God's creation of night and day.

For Progressive Christians-- object to the legislation on the grounds that it is not inclusive and
caters to the materialistic ambitions of the First World by prolonging the working day.

For Anyone Else Not Included--write your own objection here : ___________________.

Thanks to the Movement Against Moving Time, we really CAN all get along!


will spotts said...

When daylight savings was first introduced, my grandfather refused to follow it. He was a farmer and he said it would affect his milk production . . . and that he'd be ****ed if politicians were going to tell him to do everything an hour earlier.

Similar to libertarian . . .

SpookyRach said...

Ha ha! I love this! Who knew the time thing would turn out the be The Great Uniter. (Is uniter a word? What am I trying to say??)

will spotts said...

Sounds like this would make a good overture to the GA . . .