Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Five: Gifts of the Spirit

Today's RevGals Friday Five is on the subject of the Gifts of the Spirit--an appropriate theme with Pentecost Sunday approaching. Host Presbyterian Gal asks several questions about dreams and visions, which upon reflection, I realized that I couldn't answer, not having any experience with those particular spiritual gifts.

It is fascinating to read the answers of those who have. But for me, the one response to the Friday Five that immediately came to mind is this verse from George Croly's wonderful hymn, Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart:

I ask no dream, no prophet ecstasies,
No sudden rending of the veil of clay,
No angel visitant, no opening skies;
But take the dimness of my soul away.



RevAnne said...

Thanks for taking this one so seriously. It's been interesting to see how we all interpret the signs and gifts differently. Love the hymn, too--thanks for the reminder.

DennisS said...

Hey! That verse isn't in the Presbyterian Hymnal (1990)! What's up with that? I've got it in another hymnal, so looks like we'll have another insert (in addition to Pentecost offering).

Presbyterian Gal said...

Wow. That is really what the bottom line of all this is about now, isn't it?

I'd wager that the prophecies, the angels, the visions and dreams are for those of us who need some road signs along the way to get to the nitty gritty place where everything gets lit up and explained.

I suspect you're there waitin' for us with more friends. Save a biscuit for me!

Quotidian Grace said...

Whoa, Denniss is right--that verse isn't in the "blue" hymnal. I haven't any idea why it was cut, either.

Jan said...

What a good answer. Thank you, thank you.

Diane said...

I LOVE that hymn. thank you.