Monday, June 16, 2008

Father of the Year

From time to time I have referred to our good friend Dr. O and his family. Dr. O has long been an inspiration to the entire extended QG family and we were all thrilled to see him profiled for Father's Day in a local magazine.

We first met Dr. O more than 20 years ago at church. Doc is one of Dr. O's protege's and he came up to NYC for the big wedding last weekend along with the rest of the gang from Houston.

Dr. O's daughters Valerie and Jessica were Portia and Babs' good friends growing up--Valerie sang at Portia's wedding and Jessica was a reader at the service.

A book would be needed to do justice to the subject of Dr. O's life, though. (Maybe someday I will write it.) The article is pretty good--as far as it goes. You can read it here, click on the 8th photo on the far left sidebar to get the first page of the article.

By the way, Dr. O is a Presbyterian elder. He is a loyal Presbyterian because of the missionaries to Nigeria who ran the schools that educated him, and the Presbyterian church in Columbia, SC that sponsored him as an undergraduate and medical student. Sometimes we do things really really right!

Anyone who is interested in the missional church would do well to emulate Dr. O. He is a blessing to his family, his friends, his church, his community and the world.

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