Sunday, June 29, 2008

Recovering From PresbyFest

Many thanks for the kind words and prayers regarding today's called presbytery meeting. It was designed to be an informational meeting and that goal was achieved. So, thankfully, no Tums was needed at the Moderator's podium.

Our commissioners gave their observations and opinions about various issues that were considered. Questions and comments offered by those in attendance were concerned, respectful, and probing. No action was taken, nor was any action expected at this time.

Casey Jones, the candidate for Stated Clerk from our presbytery (and came in second in the voting) got a standing ovation and much praise and appreciation from all sides for the outstanding way he conducted himself in the election.

Casey suggested the need for community prayer and our General Presbyter agreed, saying that the presbytery would schedule several opportunities for members of presbytery to pray together for God's help and guidance.

I'm done with GA for the moment. In the next few days I plan to intentionally NOT thinking, fretting, or analyzing what went on there and what may happen next and turn my attention elsewhere. Sometimes we need to clear our minds so the Holy Spirit will have room to work, don't you find?


Anonymous said...

it seemed like a marathon from here - thanks for your insights and color commentary - it made it all understandable from this Episcopalian's cheap seat!

Mary Beth said...

Casey Jones? Is he driving a train?

hee hee

Presbyterian Gal said...

I do indeed find.

Reformed Catholic said...

I am so glad to hear that the Tums were not needed.

I second the accolades on the Rev. Jones' conduct at the GA. I watched him during the Q&A period for the Stated Clerk's election. He listened to the questions, took notes on the person's name, and responded personally to that person's question.

His answers were clear, concise, constitutionally and biblically based.

It is a shame that the election rules were slanted in such a way as to require the 'challengers' to fight an uphill battle.

My prayers are with your Presbytery, and all Presbyteries this week.

thechurchgeek said...

I might suggest gathering in "Solemn Assembly" as the approved overture from the Worship and Spiritual Renewal committee suggests.

Mark Smith said...

The next time you see Casey, tell him that I thought he had the best stage presence of any of the SC candidates.

I think he'd have had a chance if the assembly hadn't leaned the opposite direction from him.

jean said...

As to your final statement of time to clear the mind and listen for the Holy Spirit, absolutely1