Monday, June 02, 2008

W Week

This week is being brought to me by the letter W.

Wedding preparations for Doc and Queenie are the focus of the week as we all prepare to go to NYC for their nuptials next weekend.

Worry about whether or not I have spent sufficient time learning to sing the Ave Maria for the service is starting to set in. Also the fact that I don't have a copy of "On Eagles Wings" to take with me is making me antsy. Note to self: take care of that tomorrow.

Wonder about whether Portia's bridesmaid dress, El Jefe's tux and my formal for the service and reception will be less wrinkled if packed in a hanging bag or a suitcase is pre-occupying my mind.

W, my brother, was released from the hospital and is at home following serious spinal fusion surgery and faces a lengthy recovery. Also one of Dutch's (El Jefe's elderly father) caregivers was diagnosed with a return of leukemia. Prayers appreciated!

Will Beatrice and Olivia (Portia and DK's dog) enjoy their stay at the Animal Inn while we're all away? Gretel always did, but this will be their first time not to stay with a family member. They will get to stay in the same "suite", though.

Where is my "to-do" list? There's a lot on it for today since I've got meetings later this week--gotta go!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Prayers for your brother and FIL's caregiver going up now.

And for the dresses and tux: have the drycleaners pad them out with tissue, box them up and ship them ahead.

You have too much to do!

Songbird said...

Will they have fun? I'm sure they will! But are there spa treatments involved? Molly loves spa treatments.

Mark Smith said...

The dogs get a suite, and you're in just a hotel room?

Can I be your dog?

Quotidian Grace said...

I'm using the word "suite" loosely...very loosely!

zorra said...

Prayers ascending. I know y'all will have a fabulous weekend!

Ruby said...

Have a wonderful time and I hope that everyone you care for gets through the weekend with flying colors.