Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday GA Round-Up

The General Assembly took the following actions yesterday:

Overture to Provide Habilitative Services for Children in the Pension Plan: Presbytery of New Covenant co-sponsored this overture which was initiated by the presbytery of Nebraska. The overture was approved. Here's the full story from the PNS.

Christian/ Muslim Relations: The General Assembly approved with amendments a resolution “On Calling for Tolerance and Peaceful Relations Between the Christian and Muslim Communities.” The most significant amendment involved removing a statement that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. There was extensive discussion on this item. PNS story is here.

Sexuality Curriculum: The GA approved, with comment, the overture to produce an "adolescent development curriculum", including human sexuality. Debate centered on the proposed human sexuality curriculum, and amendments that were offered which would have included specific instructions to the prospective curriculum writers were defeated. PNS story is here--scroll down because this article summarizes several other actions of the GA as well.


Gannet Girl said...

Re the second one: 1) The link doesn't work. 2) Interesting in light of my experience today. 3) I never understand this argument. Are people under the impression that there's some god out there we don't know about?

Thank you so much for posting so extensively about GA. I don't have the time to think about it this year, and you are providing an excellent window.

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for spotting the bad link. I fixed it now.

I'm glad this is helpful to you. Since I'm doing this anyway for our presbytery's blog, it's easy to copy and paste it over here as well.