Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beatrice Blogs: Olivia, Meet the Invisible Fence

WOOF! Beatrice here.

Last weekend Portia brought Olivia over to visit. While she and QG were unpacking boxes, I invited Olivia out to see my backyard.

Unfortunately, Olivia saw more than my backyard.

Way more.

She ran right through the front gate and out into the street. I barked so QG and Portia came to see what was going on. I couldn't show them because of the Invisible Fence, but they guessed anyway.

Olivia pranced through the lot next door and chased the baby rabbits in the esplanade before being recaptured and brought inside. Now everyone has decided she has to learn about the fence, too.

Olivia, meet the Invisible Fence. Told ya so.

Cautiously yours,


Averill said...

Just make sure they use the lowest setting possible! My darling 'Sita is very delicate!!!!!!

Quotidian Grace said...

But of course! 'Sita will be treated like the PRINCESS she truly is. I'm sure it will take only the slightest twitch for her to catch on...

zorra said...

Oh, Olivia! She would have had to learn about the fence sooner or by the time she moves into her new home, she'll know all about it. Glad she was OK!

Anonymous said...

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