Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good News, Bad News

El Jefe and his law firm are suddenly wildly busy as the nation's debt markets are springing back to life. They are just overwhelmed with debt deals and other market offerings for their corporate clients. This signals (hopefully!) the beginning of recovery for our economy just as the slowing of the debt markets last summer signaled the coming bust.


The bad news is that El Jefe is wildly busy, overworked and stressed just as he needs to take off tomorrow and Friday for personal business--i.e. our move.

I'll try to keep my focus on the good news while he blackberries and phones during all the confusion....


Averill said...

Somebody needs to tell the stock markets that the debt markets are back -- maybe it'll stop this week's slide!

Hang in there Moomie...and just remember: Dad wouldn't have been much help anyway. :D

Songbird said...

God go with you!