Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bending a Habit

El Jefe and I found ourselves bending the habit of going to church over the last couple of months. My bout with bronchitis, his excessive work schedule, and planning to pack up and move overwhelmed us and we didn't make the time to go.

It's all to easy to bend--and then break--the habit of church-going. Even for folks like us who have attended consistently for most of our lives. The temptation to stay home, read the paper, and not make the effort is all too alluring. How much more difficult must it be for someone who never had the habit of regular church attendance to establish it?

This Sunday I went back (El Jefe stayed home and worked) and it did me a world of good to re-join the choir, sing in worship and re-connect with my church. Next Sunday El Jefe will come, too, and we'll work on straightening out that bent habit.

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