Friday, May 29, 2009

A.N. Wilson Comes To Faith

I've got a couple of A.N. Wilson books on my library shelves: Paul and Jesus. I remember thinking when I finished them that the author seemed to tip-toe up to the edge of faith in Christ and then turn, reluctantly, away.

But now he has. There's a very good article in today's Wall Street Journal about his recent conversion--Look Who's a Believer Now, by Timothy Larsen. I love his conclusion:
Next time you hear someone fume that God is the most contemptible being who never existed, keep in mind that you just might be watching the first act of a divine romantic comedy.
I wonder if Wilson plans to revise those two books (and others) to reflect his conversion? Or will he leave them unchanged as a testament to his journey in faith and write new books on these subjects reflecting his changed viewpoint. What would you do?


Viola Larson said...

I read about that somewhere in two British newspapers on line more than a month ago. God is doing all kinds of wonderful things in people's lives. Just today I found an article about Joe Eszterhas who wrote the script for Jagged Edge and Basic Instinct. He has become a Christian, (It sounds like a very devout one) and has written about his conversion. The story is at

artbymj said...

That was a very good wsj article. I'm glad you posted it. Has anyone read Ann Rice's "Christ the Lord" series? I've heard they are good, but haven't read myself. That's a pretty dramatic contrast in writing to previous books too.