Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About Numbers

Here's my latest Best of the Blogs column for the October issue of Presbyterians Today. It's About Numbers.

The biggest challenge in writing this feature for PT is that the deadline is 3 months in advance of its publication--an eternity in the land of the blogs! However the annual decline in the PCUSA's membership numbers is always a timely topic for discussion.

I've been asked to continue the column next year, so I'd like to ask my Gentle Readers to give me suggestions for blogs to feature that would be of interest to PT readers or any other ideas you may have in the comments.

Muchas gracias!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Maybe a regular feature on a non-Presbyterian blogsite. Just to stretch interest and discussion?

Like Real Live Preacher for example. Or Diane Roth's blog, or Songbird.

Quotidian Grace said...

I've mentioned Real Live Preacher and several other non-presby blogs in the past.

I love Songbird's blog and I'll check out Diane's.

Any other faves?

Rev Kim said...

Thanks, QG, for mentioning my blog!

I'll throw in suggestions for a couple of our Lutheran brothers and sisters, Hot Cup and Rev Scott.

Rev SS said...

Great article ... thanks

Marlene said...

If you go to our brothers and sisters in Christ outside presbyterian might I suggest this one


Marlene said...

Oh, and this one too: