Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Landscaping and MOB Updates

Landscape Update: Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions for our back yard! I'm thinking about planting a red oak and an elm for shade, adding some sweet olive near the back porch, moving the knockout roses now at the back of the house to a sunnier area and replacing them with azaleas, and adding Mexican firecrackers and dark red crepe myrtles to the oleanders and knockout roses along the back brick fence. Then I'll put in a Meyer lemon near the courtyard. Pictures will be forthcoming when we get this done--which could be a few weeks.

MOB update: Babs scheduled a cake tasting next week! Yum. The best part of the planning! She and P-Dubya previewed a rehearsal dinner venue yesterday in the driving rain, so I'm not sure what they thought of it. Music for the reception is the next issue to settle, but that will be fun, too. Then all will be quiet on the MOB front until the New Year.

Aside: don't you just hate it when Blogger's scheduled post feature doesn't work? I had to save a book review I want to post tomorrow morning instead of scheduling it because the darn thing keeps publishing it. Check back tomorrow for an advance preview of Mitch Albom's new book Have A Little Faith, which will be published September 29.

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Presbyterian Gal said...

You have made excellent choices for trees! And you will be helping the planet by planting them.

I for one would like to schedule a visit when that Meyer lemon tree produces fruit. We can make some pies and interesting lemonades!!