Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Watercolors: Buildings and the Beach

This week I spent some time on my online class exercises . The section I am working on now focuses on painting buildings. I continue trying to find a style that I will be happy with.

This one is an exercise in simplifying the building details. It is a view of Venice at dawn. Definitely NOT a realistic style, which was a good change of pace.

I've always admired ink and wash paintings and so was eager to try this technique myself when this exercise was next. It is Melling Church in the UK. I used a brown ink instead of black so the lines wouldn't look too harsh. I didn't like the colors the instructor used for the landscape around the church so I changed them which was maybe not the best idea!

The last one is my third attempt at painting a photo of two little girls playing at the beach. Each time I tried to make the painting less realistic and more impressionistic. This one shows improvement but I'm still not satisfied with it. I'm finding it hard not to put in too many details!


Stushie said...

These are great Jody. You're definitely developing your own style

Quotidian Grace said...

That means a lot, coming from you Stushie! Thanks.

Robin said...

I think the starkness really makes the third one.

Left you a ? at my place.