Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Houston On Corpse Flower Vigil

Houston media is all a-twitter (#corpseflower) about the imminent bloom of Lois The Corpse Flower at the Museum of Natural Science.

The Museum is remaining open on a 24 hour basis until the thing blooms so as not to disappoint its fans who don't want to miss this very rare event and even (thank God) rarer scent it puts out.

There's a reason is called the Corpse Flower, friends.

The plant, whose real name is Amorphophallus titanum, has been dubbed "Lois" by the museum. She hails from Sumatra, and as of the writing of this post still hasn't bloomed. When she does her flower could be as large as 10 feet high and six feet in diameter. See the photo here for an example.

You can check up on Lois by viewing the HMNS webcam and view tweets about her at #corpseflower. If you have a sensitive nose, watching the webcam is definitely the way to go!


zorra said...

Did you hear this was a national story on NPR today? I just might have to go see it (holding my nose).

ellbee said...

I happened to be in Milwaukee just after the one in their museum "blooomed." Wow. It is all they describe and then some.