Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Watercolors: A Quartet

Since the last time I posted some paintings, I finished 4 little watercolors. Two were done in a class--both real and virtual-- and the other two I did on my own from photos.

This first is from the class at WASH (watercolor artists society of Houston). The instructor seems very fond of very dark backgrounds since she really is emphasizing how to use color values in a painting. I find the dark backgrounds difficult and am not sure I'm crazy about them, but I learned a lot from this exercise painting the pots and straw.

This study of an old stone barn is from the online class which concentrates on techniques for landscape paintings.

I did this one from a photo I took on our recent trip back to West Texas. This is the old trestle bridge over the Canadian River in the town of Canadian. It is now closed to vehicles but open to the public as a historic landmark. The figures on the bridge are El Jefe and his cousin Mary.

Here's a study from a photograph of southwestern style home. I like the way the building turned out but if I did it again would use masking to reserve the flower areas instead of trying to drop that color in wet-on-wet.

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stinuksuk said...

I really liked the trees and the sky ofthe bridge scene. Nice job, QG!! keep up the good work.