Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Watercolors: Street Scene and Still Life

Today's watercolors are both class exercises.

The first one was inspired by my online class exercise in painting buildings.

This second one is a still life exercise I did in the watercolor class I took this month at Watercolor Art Society of Houston -- their acronym is WASH, don't you love it?

I really love the way the colors came out in the still life. This is what I like about watercolors. It makes the street scene look drab by comparison! At least it does in real life, the digital image is brighter than the original. I'm resolved to use less water and more paint in the future.


Reformed Catholic said...

Your watercolors remind me of a line from a Beatles tune: "Its getting better all the time .... "

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for the encouragement, RC!