Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Afterthoughts on Sunday School

This is a continuation of the theme of my last post.

One of the important things I learned that I didn't mention before is:

When we set up coffee for fellowship between our services and during the Sunday School period in the building next to the sanctuary we lost a lot of class attendance (youth and adult) to the charms of the kaffeeklatch. So we moved the coffee bar upstairs in the education building so folks had to go to that building for the coffee, and shut it down when Sunday School began. Attendance improved--it's a miracle!

From time to time I must repeat to myself the mantra I learned from our senior pastor:

You know what I mean: that Sunday School class that is constantly struggling for leadership, topics and attendance may be consuming more of your time than it is worth. Allowing it to fail will either inspire someone to step forward and take leadership of it or allow the Holy Spirit to work in inspiring the creation of something new and different. Neither of those things will happen if you keep it on life support. Of course the trick is to know when it's time to step back and let this happen--and that's not always obvious.

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John said...

Fortunately, our custodian makes the coffee so strong that it is undrinkable. Delays become a moot point.