Sunday, July 03, 2005

Report on the GodBlog class

Many thanks to those of you who responded to my post and to the post from John at Locusts and Honey relaying my request for ideas for my class on blogging and your comments on your own experiences blogging. Thank you John, Jim at Wabisabi, Songbird, St. Cassarole and Grandma Jean. I had a good response from the class, more than half of whom did not know what a blog was when I began the presentation. They know now!

Portia was amused when one of the older men in the class asked her before church whether she was Portia or Babs in the blog. In a discussion later with her and a friend I was asked why have a class on blogging at all? Doesn't everyone understand what it is? Well, no--not really. My experience is that those who are about 35 or older are more likely than not to be totally unfamiliar with blogs of any type. Of course, since this was a Sunday School class I concentrated on Godblogs (faith-based blogs) but did touch on the many other subjects that bloggers cover.

This was a good trial run for the workshop on blogging I agreed to give in October at our presbytery's annual educational/leadership event. Since I'll have more time then, I plan to include a "how-to" section as well.

Again, thanks to each of you for your help. Your comments and responses illustrated the fact that a community of faith can extend through the internet across the country and the world. Hopefully some of them will check out your blogs and become regular visitors, as I am.


the reverend mommy said...

Did you do an outline or lesson plan or something?
I would really like to see what you said and see if it is something that I could do at church as well.....

Quotidian Grace said...

I created a powerpoint presentation and a handout that I would be glad to email to you or anyone else who wants it. Let me know where to send it and whether you want the powerpoint files or want me to send you the powerpoint in an outline Word document.