Thursday, July 14, 2005

If God Had a Telephone

This morning one of the leaders of our Vacation Bible School dropped in to tell me a story about her four year old son.

A couple of days ago was the first anniversary of the death of his grandmother, who coincidentally died on her birthday. Although his dad was understandibly a bit depressed that day (it was his mother who passed away), they didn't make any special mention of the day to the children. That evening at dinner the little boy asked " Does God have a telephone?"

"No, God doesn't have a telephone," his mother replied. "He doesn't need one. He knows our thoughts and what we want and need. Why do you ask if He has a telephone?"

"Because," he replied, "if God had a telephone, I could call Him up and tell Him to give Grandma a new body so she would be fine and send her back to us."


reverendmother said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

John said...

An aerial photographer decided to create a photobook of churches. So he hired a plane and flew around the country, taking pictures of churches from the air.

When he was flying over Kansas, he saw a church with a sign painted on its roof -- "Phone line to God, $1,000 a minute." Confused and excited, he landed and went into talk to the minister. The pastor confirmed that yes, they had a telephone line to God, and he could talk to the Almighty for $1000 a minute.

The photographer was excited, but didn't have the money, so he got in his plane and continued flying. Later, he flew over Texas, where he saw another church with a sign painted on its roof -- "Phone line to God, $500 a minute." Excited and curious, he landed and went inside. The pastor confirmed that they had a phone line to the Lord that he could use for $500 a minute." Lacking sufficient funds, the photographer got in his plane and continued flying.

Later, he flew over Alabama and saw another church with a sign on its roof -- "Phone line to God, $1 a minute." Talking to the pastor confirmed this story, but the pilot was curious. Why was it so more expensive in other parts of the country. The pastor drawled out "Son, you're in Alabama. Heaven is a local call."

Quotidian Grace said...

Good story,John.

John said...

What on earth was that comment meant to communicate?

Quotidian Grace said...

Beats me, John. Looks like a "spam" comment to me--didn't know you could get such a thing!

reverendmother said...

I would suggest you delete it. It does seem to be spam, and a blatant and unethical attempt to increase their page rank. (So said my extremely tech-savvy husband when I was similarly hit recently.)

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks, Reverend Mother. I'll do that.