Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita, Rita, Go Away

"Like watching a car wreck in slow motion". " Like waiting for someone to punch you in the gut." Two descriptions of waiting for Rita-- one from Reverend Mother and one from El Jefe. Ah yes, morning dawns in Houston as Rita approaches.

We're so grateful Rita moved a bit east of us. I feel conflicted about saying I wish it would move further east. Selfishly, I want it to move into Louisiana and spare us as much as possible. But we just sheltered so many Louisianaians (spelling?) after Katrina--how can you rejoice in seeing Rita hit them again? New Orleans is already feeling many effects of the outward bands of the storm and we're not. Could NO survive a second major punch like Rita? It seems like that would be the final blow for the city.

So let's pray that the barometric pressures of the 'cane continue to rise so that wherever the eye finally comes in it is much weaker. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Rita hit land as a category 1? I can dream...

El Jefe observed that if you thought the evacuation from Houston was a bad scene (and it was) wait until all those people try to return after Rita. Public officials haven't addressed this yet, but I hope someone will have a plan for a staged return. That would only work if people follow it, though. It would be hard for many not to hop in their cars to come home asap once the storm passes.

We just got an automated call from the City of Sugar Land urging us not to try to leave the area because of the current storm track and the lack of gasoline on the road. One of the great ironies of the situation is that southeast Texas, the area that oils and gases much of the world, is short of gasoline!

Rita is also the nickname of my favorite drink--the margarita. One of my favorite pastors has his very own margarita machine! It was a gift from a couple he married in lieu of a cash gratuity. When this is all over, I'm calling him to suggest he crank it up (it lives in his garage) for a celebration. I'll bring premium tequila and the limes!


Greg Hazelrig said...

You know...Dennis was supposed to be a bad hurricane until it hit land and went to a category 1 all of a sudden. Rita is much bigger, but God can do anything. Let's keep praying for this.

In the love of Christ,

reverendmother said...

I too love a good 'rita. It's one of the things I miss being pregnant.

R may have to fire up the blender and make some tonight, non-alcoholic for me (he does this wonderful slushy lime and orange juice thing).

I'm also listening to music from the homeland all day today. And lighting a candle.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

All hearts seem to be turning to your part of the world today.

Apostle John said...

I always feel guilty about hurricanes, praying they will go north or south or anywhere other than south florida.

Mary Beth said...

You remain in my prayers!

Martini said...

Rita is made of wind.
She has no structure.
She will fail.

SpookyRach said...

Best of luck! Let us know when the 'rita machine is rolling - we'll bring mixers.

will spotts said...

I know exactly what you mean about hoping a storm goes somewhere else. When you think about it, it does kind of make you feel guilty.

Hopefully Rita will just weaken.

Purechristianithink said...

They have machines that make Margaritas? Why has this precious truth been witheld me? Here's hoping you and yours are enjoying one in tranquility soon.