Friday, September 02, 2005

You Can Help Us With Gift Cards

Several of you have left comments asking how you can help the evacuees in the Houston area. My church has been asked to help a sister congregation, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, a few miles away which is providing shelter for more than 50 people. I have volunteered to help with the meals, so I will be personally involved. Right now I am scheduled to be there Labor Day since they are covered until then.

The best in-kind donation for those of you who are interested is gift cards for food, gasoline and phone. Since our grocery store chains in the Houston area are regional and not national I suggest cards from Target and Wal-Mart which are all over town and sell groceries. As for gasoline, the major retailers here are Shell, Exxon and Texaco. Phone cards are universal, so that isn't a problem. Our church is collecting these cards and other in-kind donations for St. Paul's.

You can mail the cards to me at my church:

Jody Harrington
Director of Christian Education
Southminster Presbyterian Church
4200 Cartwright Road
Missouri City, Texas 77459

There goes my bloggie anonymity--but for a good cause! God bless you for your concern and keep those prayers coming for these people who have lost everything.


reverendmother said...

St. Paul's is a wonderful church. I'm just so proud of all of you. I know you don't do it for approval or praise, but I praise you just the same. And praise God for your faithfulness.

I've already committed some resources to the efforts of another St. P in Houston--but I pray for your efforts as well. We have refugees coming all the way up here, I've heard.

will spotts said...

Thanks for this suggestion.

mibi52 said...

I will announce the gift card idea at church tomorrow morning and see what we can rustle up for you to get to the refugees.